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Memory Care: Caregiver Resources

Memory Care Resources

Caregiving can require a great deal of energy and effort, regardless of the situation or memory care stage. This month, we focus on caregivers of those with dementia or memory loss, providing a quick-reference page of caregiver resources. While just a short initial list, and not intended as an endor…


When to Consider Memory Care for a Loved One

Memory Care, Smiling Gentleman in Assisted Living, Cedar Rapids IA

Are you thinking about Memory Care for a loved one or for yourself? Change is never easy—especially as we get older. Physical, mental and emotional changes can mean we have to live differently. Some people may choose to move to assisted living settings while others want to stay in their homes as l…


Memory Care, Restrictions & COVID-19

Memory Care and Safety Measures for COVID-19

A view from within senior living memory care during the pandemic It is getting close to three months since visiting restrictions began at Emerald Crest. The week before the restrictions, I was ice fishing on Leech Lake and now we’ve had temperatures in the 90s. Winter is a distant memory. Where ou…