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Intergenerational Friendships: Good for Everyone

Assisted Living, elder and boy: Scientific research shows the benefits of intergenerational relationships

Bringing Younger and Older Generations Together Benefits Everyone Involved We hear a lot about intergenerational friendships these days, and there’s a good reason why—there are many benefits to such relationships including a broader sense of wellbeing and community. In our daily lives, we can te…


Talking with Loved Ones About the Future

Talking about the future, discussing assisted living or memory care with loved ones

Talking with Loved Ones About the Future: Discussing Assisted Living or Memory Care Are you worried about your mom or dad—or another loved one who is living alone? Let’s say you are and want to ask if he or she would consider moving to an assisted living or memory care community. Chances are you…


How to know it’s time for Assisted Living

What is assisted living? Caregiver and Woman in Assisted Living, Outdoors, closeup

Considering Assisted Living for yourself or a loved one involves answering questions and thinking though options – this article can help. Do you wish you or a loved one had more help around the house? Are you or a loved one feeling overwhelmed by tasks that need to be done to maintain your hom…